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Plan your belly / baby / little people / family photos


Best time for a pregnancy photo session is between 32 - 36 weeks, remembering that every woman is individual.

Let's have a chat about colour and styling to achieve the best and most comfortable look for you.


A pregnancy photo session can take place at two separate locations; either both outside or one location outside and one inside for a different look.


It is always important that we plan and discuss the best time and locations to suit your needs and ideas and if there are any type of images that you love or have reservations about, please, I'd love to hear it.

newborn & family:

Best time for newborn photography is between 5 - 12 days.


For outdoor family photo session I only book early morning or pre sunset times as that is when light is most even and less harsh.

I welcome families to my home studio in Mount Martha. It is comfortable, light and here I can use numerous set ups and back grounds.  If it is a low light day I also use professional lighting which assists in achieving perfect exposure every time.


If the photo session is to be at your home, it is best to de-clutter a room which has good natural light so we can achieve the best possible results for your family photos - of course results may vary from home to home so it's best to have a chat with me about your home.

I always begin newborn photo sessions at approximately 9am but will have a chat to lock in the exact time that suits.

Before the newborn session, please make sure your new baby has a full tummy, a loose nappy and an outfit that you are happy for your baby to have a few photos in, and is easy to remove to minimse disturbance.


During the newborn session, feeding and settling takes up more than half of the session time as being a tiny model is hard work - so please be prepared for lots of top ups.  Sometimes giving a dummy for very short periods while posing a baby can help with settling.

I have lots of different types of wraps and blankets / props but I also encourage parents to use their own special blankets / wraps / toys during the photo session so feel free to bring something from home.

If you are booking in a photo session at my home studio and have older children, it is best to bring snacks / drinks / activities for them.  Or, bring a helper who can take your older one for a little while when they are not having photos taken as a session can appear long, hot & boring to any onlookers.

At your home, please have an extention cord and some old towels, facewashers / wipes ready: little accidents will happen.


I always encourage new parents to be involved in the photo shoot so be prepared:  Things to consider are clean hands and fingernails, style hair and a touch of make up for mums.

Neutral to mid tone colours for parents and siblings work best, lets have a chat about some colour and styling options. 


If your baby or child is unwell please let me know so we can re-schedule, as a mum I understand.  A sick baby / child equals a very stressful time for parents.

Ensure your children are not hungry and thirsty (bring snacks / drink to on location shoot) or tired as we all know what happens next!  To ensure a happier child I recommend an early morning photo session.


Most of all..

Relax, have fun and expect the unexpected!!!