Plan your belly / baby / little people / family photos


Best time for a pregnancy photoshoot is between 34 - 38 weeks, remembering that every woman is individual.

Prepare in advance what you would like to wear and before the photo shoot it's best to discuss some colour combinations with me so we can achieve the most suitable colour combination for you.

Choose a light and clear area in your house for the photo shoot, I can use a flash of course if a well lit area is unavailable. The photoshoot can also take place at a chosen outdoor location.


If you have any ideas or reservations, please discuss this with me before the photoshoot.

babies / little people / family:

Best time for newborn photography is between 4 - 10 days.

I always begin photo shoots early in the morning due to the natural soft light and, as all parents know; babies and children are always happiest in the morning.

For newborn photography, please make sure your new baby's environment is warm with the use of heating and blankets.

During the photoshoot, expect to spend lots of time feeding your baby, being a tiny model is hard work.

I will arrive with lots of props, blankets & wraps but also pre -prepare any blankets and toys you would like to use in the photo shoot.

Before the photoshoot, please apply a loose nappy and preferably only a wrap your baby in wraps / blankets; this allows for a crease free nudie photo shoot and the unwrapping does not disturb your baby.


Please have some old towels, facewashers and wipes ready: little accidents will happen.

I always encourage new parents to be involved in the photo shoot so be prepared:  Things to consider are clean hands and fingernails, style hair and a touch of make up for mums.

It's best if parents and any older siblings wear neutral or complementing colours; for outdoor photo shoots, bright colours and patterns on children can be fun and eyecatching but. 


If your baby is sick please let me know so we can re-schedule, I understand.  A sick baby / child equals sad photos and happy photos would be much better.

Ensure your children are not hungry, thirsty (bring snacks / drink to on location shoot) or tired as we all know what happens next!


Most of all..

Relax, have fun and expect the unexpected!!!